Sunday, January 14, 2018

Major, Major Turmoil in my Life...

But absolutely none of it is related to my being a sissy...

Right around the end of the year, I came down with that really nasty flu bug that's going around. The one that the flu vaccine doesn't really work for because the powers that be guessed incorrectly as to the strain for this year. I was pretty much bed ridden for about 5 days, and didn't really start feeling like myself until Wednesday the 3rd.

So about half the time, I was able to work from home, and the other half of the time I worked from an office. Convenient because of all my international travel. And with technology being what it is, and with the profession I'm in, I am fortunate that I can work equally well in an office or at home.

So I had a call with my boss on the 3rd, and learned that (as the Brits would say) my "position has been made redundant." That's a polite way of saying that I've been laid off.

Major bummer...

So that explains why I haven't been posting at all, and I apologize for that.

My full-time job right now is to find a full-time job! All things being said, I've been gainfully unemployed since the 9th of January, so it hasn't been so long yet, and because of my severance I've still got my pay and benefits for a couple months. But still there's this underlying stress.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year!

And I hope it's a joyous one for everyone!

I read in the news how cold it was on New Year's Eve. As for me, I was fast asleep by 6 o'clock PM with a dire case of that nasty flu that's going around. I'm only now getting over it. Not completely better yet, but at least well enough that I can start work again - from home.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Getting More and More Excited

Only a few more days until Christmas...

I wonder what Santa will be bringing me this year...

Have I been a good sissy or a naughty one???

So I'll decorate the tree with care...

 And maybe, just maybe I'll try to stay up really late on Christmas Eve to surprise Santa!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

There's Just Something

I'm not sure what it is.

But when I put on my bra, a change comes over me.

My entire emotional state changes.

For the better...

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Mistress laid out Sissy's outfit for the evening's festivities. "It's a formal event, Sissy, everyone will be showing off in their most formal attire so you should too."

Sissy always felt more formal and suave when she was dressed in black.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Most Incredible Morning

I woke up early yesterday morning. Very early. Came downstairs and putzed around for a long while, having my coffee, reading, watching the news, and just relaxing while M slept upstairs. It was a quiet morning, and I sat there in the living room dressed in comfortable pants and sweatshirt. Staying warm in this cold snap we're having. Wearing a nice, comfortable pair of panties and a satiny bra under my sweatshirt. Loving the feeling of the bra around my chest. Loving the feel of the bra straps over my shoulders. Loving the feel of my panties around my clitty cage.

A few hours later, I went upstairs to find M awake and relaxing quietly in bed. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, then got undressed and slipped between the covers into the nice, cozy bed. So nice and warm.

I rolled over and snuggled against M, pulling up her nightshirt in our silent, universal signal that I wanted to suck her breasts. She rolled toward me as I lowered my head to her breast and began suckling gently. As I did so, she pushed my bra up and began tweaking my nipple as well. It's a thing we do often, and we both love it.

I always get worked up when I'm sucking on M's beautiful breasts, and yesterday was no exception. I began to alternate between breasts as we lay there. Sometimes gently in my sucking, sometimes more forceful. Sometimes nipping, sometimes just gently flicking her nipples with my tongue. M continued to lay there quietly on her side with her eyes closed, reveling in the sensations of my mouth.

She has told me that she eventually gets uncomfortable just laying there on her side, so after a while I stopped, rolled her to her back, and moved between her legs in a missionary position with me on my hands and knees  between her legs. Again I lowered my head to her breasts and continued my ministrations. All was quiet. All was calm. Just doing something I love so much to do. Clad in my clitty cage, panties and bra.

On her back, M was able to reach up and tweak both of my nipples at the same time, something I absolutely love. On my hands and knees, there's no weight on her, just my head alternating from side to side as I continued to pleasure her.

After a long while, I reached for her right hand and directed it between her legs. She began to rub her pussy, something I could feel from my position between her legs as I went back to sucking on her breasts. Still not a word in our world of morning bliss.

She continued to play with herself, gradually becoming more and more aroused as I continued to suckle. Her left hand continued to pinch my nipple, her head arched back just a bit, her eyes closed in concentration, and her mouth slightly open. Doing what I was doing, and seeing what I was seeing was intensely erotic. Calm, quiet, sensual. A vision of domestic bliss that no porn movie could ever capture.

We continued this way for some time. Then I heard her whisper...

"Fuck me Allen... Fuck me hard Allen... You fuck me so good Allen..."

Her hips began moving of their own volition. Her rubbing became more frantic as I could feel from my position between her legs. Her tweaking of my nipple became more forceful. And all the time, I continued my ministrations at her breasts.

M has told me that there's a direct nerve connection between her nipples and her pussy. This was going through my head as I continued to lick, nipple, nip, and suck her breasts while she played with herself.

"I'm so wet Allen... You're making me so wet Allen... Fuck me Allen..."

There was an urgency to her whispers. Her entire body felt alive with energy. Tight and tense like the strings of a violin. While she loves gentle breast play to get aroused, it's more forceful sucking and nipple pulling that gets her really aroused, so I began to suck as hard as I could at one breast while at the same time pulling and pinching her other nipple hard.

M was close - oh so close...

Like a tsunami wave crashing on the beach, M's orgasm overtook her and she began shuddering uncontrollably beneath me as I shifted to only licking her nipples, knowing that she goes into sensory overload when she cums.

It was a most incredible sight and experience for me. My beautiful wife M beneath me in the throes of an incredible orgasm... Her lover's name on her lips... My locked-up clitty mere inches from her pussy. So close that I could feel the back of her hand on my clitty cage as she rubbed herself. My arousal almost as high as hers as I felt my clitty dripping furiously - soaking my panties as I knelt there between M's legs.

It took a long time for M to come back to Earth after that orgasm. Time during which I gently kissed and licked her breasts.

Eventually, I clambered out from between her legs and lay next to her as she sprawled there under the covers in her post-orgasmic exhaustion. A look of complete contentment on her face.

Yesterday was a very, very good day!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Yes, Ma'am, I Do!

Come over here sissy gurl. You know what to do. You know what I want you to do!

He's so ready for you, sissy gurl.

Come on over here. Kneel in front of my man. Take his beautiful cock into your hand and stroke it for me... You know you want to... You've seen how much pleasure this cock gives me!

M asked me last night if I wanted a lover... I think she feels bad that I want a man's cock in my mouth so much and it doesn't look like Allen's will be there in the near future. Plus, as I've said before, M really doesn't want to "share."

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


M's feeling a lot better today. A LOT better.

Before she left for work this afternoon, I asked her if maybe, just maybe I'd be allowed to lick her pussy tonight when she gets home. It seems like forever since I've had my head between her legs.

I know she's very disappointed that she wasn't able to make her date with Allen yesterday on her day off, and she hasn't confirmed for me when their next opportunity might be. But I absolutely KNOW that Allen is on her mind... And I also KNOW that I'll be hearing his name tonight when I'm licking her pussy.

I foresee some really hot gurl-girl lovemaking tonight! (blushing).

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sometimes Real Life Just Gets in the Way

M was all set for her date with Allen this afternoon. And very excited as well! Especially coming off our long vacation where she could only send him text messages.

But unfortunately, over the past couple days since we got back, she picked up a cold. A pretty bad one. While the cold passed as colds do, her nagging cough just got worse and worse. She sent Allen a message last night to tell him that she probably shouldn't see him today because she didn't want to pass her cold to him (thoughtful, don't you think?).

When I got up this morning and came downstairs at 6 AM, it was obvious that she had been in the living room. It was obvious from the sight of the blanket strewn over the easy chair that we both like to monopolize in the evenings when the television is on. She confirmed this for me when I went back upstairs to get ready for work, saying sleepily "I was up until 4 AM and just couldn't sleep with all my coughing..." These words she told me at 6:30 AM... I'm pretty sure that she spent much of that time in the living room not just watching television but also telling Allen how disappointed she was that it'll be at least another week before she can see him again.

I felt so bad for her, but at least she didn't have to work today, so she was able to go back to sleep and get SOME rest...

Hopefully M and Allen can reschedule - M is always in a much better mood when she gets back from her dates with him!

On the plus side, since I got back from work today, I haven't heard her cough once!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Best Invention Ever

Some might argue the point, but I think that a dildo with a vacuum base is absolutely the best invention ever...

M Probably wonders why I take such long showers. She probably thinks I'm spending all that time shaving my legs et al. But that's not true at all. A couple of years ago it might have been true, but I've gotten to the point where I can get completely shaved (at least everywhere I can reach) in just a few minutes. And surprisingly, I rarely - if ever - get a cut.

The pictures aren't completely true to life, because the subjects are wearing lingerie, which I don't wear. But at least three or four times per week, and definitely every time M is on a date with Allen, I'll spend a long time in the shower with my dildo stuck to the shower wall. The sensation of that beautiful cock in me makes me feel incredible! I've never made myself dribble or cum whilst fucking myself with a dildo, but I don't really care. Maybe I will someday, but for now I just enjoy how good it makes me feel.

I know... I know for a fact... That at some point I'll get the real thing. It may take a long time, and I'm a bit impatient about it, but I know it'll come (or cum depending on your point of view). And I'm eagerly awaiting the event.

I think of M telling me to suck a man's cock to get him nice and hard and slobbery wet, then him flipping me around and sinking his beautiful cock into my awaiting gurl pussy. I dream about it sometimes... Alright... I dream about it a bit more frequently than "sometimes."