Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Acknowledging Who I Am

My wife had very little lingerie that one would consider "sexy." Most of what she wore would be considered "granny panties" or plain bras. She rarely wore pantyhose, and never wore stockings.

I've read - over and over again - tales about what it felt like that first time... That very first time... When you put on that very first pair of panties or that first time you draw the stockings up your legs.

She had one pair of panties that I considered (at the time) sexy. A pair of white, lacy bikini panties. She kept them separate from all her other lingerie. 

Of course you know what happened.

And yes, it made me feel EXACTLY like all the stories say.

I remember the feeling when I first took them from her drawer. I remember the feeling when I first pulled them up my legs and felt the material against my skin.

Until that moment, when I looked down, this is what I saw. Not shaved, but from a size perspective, this is exactly what I saw. This is exactly how I felt. I didn't know I was a sissy at the time, just different.

But in that moment. In that glorious moment... I was transformed. The most incredible feeling. My entire world shrank down to a tiny sphere of awareness around me alone and exploded in a sense of "rightness." As I write this, I think of a supernova... Of a star being pulled in by its own gravity... Getting smaller and more intense with each passing second... Then exploding...

That was me. That was my emotions.

I knew. I KNEW who I was. I understood finally. FINALLY.

The style is different, but for those of us who wear panties all the time, you'll understand exactly what was going through my head when I looked down and saw this...


I didn't wear the panties all the time. It took a while before I tried on her pantyhose. But of course I did. And of course I occasionally wore both the panties and the pantyhose to work. 

And it made me feel glorious! It made me feel "right."

And then came the miracle of the Internet. 

And I learned that while I might be different, I wasn't truly alone. There were others like me. Just like me.

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